Common Types Of Lawyers Everyone Needs To Know About


People are investing or moving to Dubai from around the world to make a living and establish a business. The reason is that Dubai is rich in infrastructure and known as a hub of business, providing amazing job and business opportunities. However, UAE is known for its strict law and order and holds a second position worldwide practicing strict law and order. It has heavy penalties and imprisonment for violation of laws.  

That is why the assistance of lawyers in Dubai is imperative in the emirates. Now, many people assume that a lawyer can provide all legal services. Contrary to that, the lawyers are divided into many categories, each with special abilities to deal with the respective case. It is impossible for a single lawyer to be knowledgeable and experienced in all the fields of law. To get the best legal support, you need to choose the right lawyer, but before that, you must know about the different types of lawyers.

Let’s discuss some common types of lawyers available and required in the emirates.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

If you get the blow of someone else’s mistake or negligence, you can get compensation for that in the UAE. That is where you will need a personal injury lawyer. He will help and guide you about how to file the case and get compensation for these actions. There are several situations in which a personal injury lawyer can assist you. Let’s discuss these situations:

  • A train or road accident
  • Defective product
  • Police assault
  • A dog bite

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can file the case as per the designed legal procedure, and the lawyer will handle the compensation matter on your behalf. You will have to represent yourself in court only when it’s required.

2. Criminal Lawyer

If you get caught in unfavorable circumstances, meaning on a crime scene, you will need a criminal lawyer for your defense. By leveraging their years of experience in the field, they will do thorough investigations and defend you in court against the evidence and question the witnesses. If failed, they will pursue an appeal.

3. Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers are needed to protect your business assets. The innovative concepts and aspects of your business, including trademarks, designs, and copyrights, IP lawyers fight for you against all these circumstances. Apart from that, these lawyers offer services for unlawful competition franchising, licensing, and spreading of business secrets.

4. Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are specialized in family matters, including divorce, marriage, adoption, child custody, etc. They will represent your case in court, justify your stance, and negotiate on your behalf for marriage assets, child support payment, visiting rights, etc.

Perfectly drafting your stance and justifying your point during the hearing is the most difficult task. The family lawyer makes a draft and tries the best for you to get the maximum advantages.

5. Medical Malpractice Attorney

Have you ever experienced harm due to medical negligence, including a wrong surgery or diagnosis or harm due to surgical error and bad medical care? If you have been the prey of any of these situations, a medical malpractice attorney is all you need. He/she will help you sue and get compensation from medical practitioners and other staff.

6. Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning lawyers handle end-of-the-life planning, including the deceased estate, wills, and trusts. They help make a will as per your wish. They handle estate planning matters and educate you on transfer, distribution, and taxation matters.

7. Labor Lawyer

Labor laws are strict in the UAE, and the government keeps updating the existing laws for the betterment of employees and employers and a feasible working environment. A labor lawyer keeps you updated on the latest employment law and handles workplace disputes. He/she also helps make employment contracts in the best interest of both parties. When needed, they also represent clients in the courtroom.

8. Corporate Attorney

Establishing and running a large business is not a matter handled with legal assistance. There are several matters that need assistance from an expert, including getting the license, signing deals, selling and purchasing agreements, etc. Corporate lawyers assist you in establishing a business by keeping your legal perspective in consideration and giving advice in your best interest. However, to get the best-suited lawyer, consider a renowned firm like Davidson & Co Law Firm in Dubai.

The Takeaway

In a nutshell, Dubai offers endless business opportunities and a luxury lifestyle, but assistance from a lawyer can make your stay better by guiding you through legal matters.

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