You have given your best shot in creating your Ecommerce website, right? Oh yes, it looks wonderful and anyone would love to browse through your product base. Just as much as it sounds awesome, the sales scenario is not as easy as it looks. You need to pump up your SEO strategies for your e-commerce website so that it drives in sales.  Apart from that, web designs; website structures also play a vital game-changing role.

You see, if you need to build up sales, your website needs to be ranked on the Google search engine. For this, a little cleaning up, and including the right aspects by a reputed web development company in Kerala and from other parts of India will help you attain a Search Engine Optimized eCommerce Store.

Trust us, there is no magic gimmick that helps you drive in sales like advertisers keep screaming out. You need to drive up the organic website sales and that can be done with proven, powerful Ecommerce SEO tips that actually skyrocket your digital visibility and thereby scale up the sales.

Don’t be mistaken by tips as a one-step formula. If you follow our 27 Ecommerce SEO Tips, you can be assured that your online store will generate recurring sales and have a loyal customer base regularly. Our SEO tips are purely organic and reflect long-term results if followed correctly. So, let’s not waste time.

We will be discussing four main segments on how any professional web design company from Kochi will help generate organic sales for your website

  •       Important Sections of an Ecommerce website
  •       Best SEO tips to channelize organic sales
  •       How to get Ecommerce website traffic (organic Google searches)?
  •       Helpful SEO tools to scale up sales

Before we move on, a small cookie for you:

Your Content should speak for you, don’t wait for others to push it higher.

Important Sections of an Ecommerce website

Often despite owning a wonderful fleet of products, and categories, sales just don’t happen. So, maybe there is still something missing. For this, we are here to break down the eCommerce website. In this section, you will learn the essentials of using SEO to generate organic traffic. If your team is handling the website content, or even your Ecommerce SEO agency near you should be able to consider the below-listed factors.

How to make your e-commerce website – SEO perfect and grow organic sales?

Url: This is your website address and is an essential component that will make organic SEO possible. Arrange your URL content in a manner that adds meaning to the page, and avoid symbols, numbers. Based on URL construction, Google search engine, and others like Bing, Yahoo will consider the page as authentic. This will help to rank the page organically.

Meta Data: Onsite SEO is very important to improve Ecommerce organic sales. This includes the tags, page title, and page description. They determine how efficiently the search engines will crawl and reach your website page. Of course, such titles will remain invisible to the end-users (your customer base), but make sure to optimize your Meta Data and see the sales it brings in.

Content Headings (H1, H2, & H3): A heading is part of the body content on any page. The first title is H1 and is of prime importance, followed by H2, and H3. They signify the importance and relevance of the content. This is where you can add the SEO words without over-stuffing so that the Ecommerce website can rank in the SERPs.

On-Page links: Another aspect that cannot be ignored is the On-Page links. This means every hyperlink on each of your Ecommerce web pages. These links should be integrated into appropriate and optimized anchor texts, which should serve the purpose of On-Site SEO. Internal links (connecting various pages within the website) help Search engines determine the authority of the page. When SEO is done right, Google gives value to the E-commerce website and categorizes it as a high authority website.  This pushes your online store to the top of the rankings.

Backlinks:  Backlinks serve the purpose of off-site SEO. These are links that mention and link to your eCommerce products or website. Today, it is important that you get links from external websites of good authoritative value for organic sales. This will potentially add domain authority to your website; thereby this form of SEO will perk up traffic to your website. The more traffic means your chances are more to go up the search pages organically.

Content description: Content is the king that affects on-page SEO. Whether it is your page title or URL, the content should be SEO perfect. Ensure that the content includes the optimized keywords, topic-related information. Your content should not be overstuffed with keywords, plagiarism-free and there should be crisp authoritative content.

E-A-T Content: You need to exhibit that the content is true, and reflects expertise in the subject. One of the best SEO tips for an eCommerce website is the fact that the content (whatever form it may be) should include three qualities: E- Expertise, A – Authoritativeness, and T- Trustworthiness. This indicates quality content with the right amount of SEO. That helps drive-in visitors to the website, making way for organic sales in your online store.

Infographics: From 2020 onwards, not only do blogs or website content have a role to play for SEO, but even pictorial representations. This would include pictures, infographics, videos, ebooks, and any other downloadable materials. Ensure that they all have proper alt text, tags, and descriptions that are SEO optimized.  As we are one of Kerala’s best web development companies, we have noticed proven searches where image SEO can boost online store sales.

Landing pages: Apart from images and videos, even landing pages should be SEO optimized. Using various SEO tools to optimize content, insert the right keywords that help your landing pages get noticed in the Search engines. Landing pages are an effective way of consistent branding for your E-commerce store, so don’t miss this one! It improves your CTR organically, boosting the brand name and finally ensuring organic sales.

Images Compression & Page Speed: Long page load time is a complete No! This can be reduced by compressing the images, thereby improving the SEO quality. The faster your page loads, it helps the page to appear in the top rankings.

Call to action: When you determine the web design of your eCommerce store, ensure that the call-to-action tabs are placed at the right spots. This will generate more organic sales as per research findings.

Best SEO tips to channelize organic sales

Today, with so much competition looming in the online space, there is a huge need to crack the SEO puzzle right. With the right set of keywords in your website, it will help Google identify the E-commerce store and thereby boost up its visibility organically. That will of course lead to organic sales in due course.

Keyword listing: First, understand your niche, product line, and competitors while listing out the keywords.

Low Competitive keywords: To get organic online store sales, you need to use the right keywords. In this aspect, if you use high competitive keywords, you may take a longer time to get noticed. Instead, it would be wiser to select the low or lesser-used keywords in each niche or product. Those target keywords will give you more organic ranking opportunities.

SEO blogs: Here, we are talking about blogs that are infused with SEO. You need to understand that a website attains authority not through the normal website content, but by exhibiting the SEO keywords along with information that is useful to the E-commerce website visitors. For example, if you have a hardware appliances eCommerce store, then include blog posts on How to buy screws, fix doors, choose garden mowers, etc. Give appropriate on-site links to your product pages too.

Long Tail Keywords: These keywords deviate from the usual set of keywords. One of the best strategies used by web development agencies is to use keywords sensibly. You can add location-based keywords like ‘best SEO services near you, or perhaps add informational keywords like simple tips to boost organic sales guide’.

Broken Links have to be fixed: If you link to certain SEO-based keywords, make sure that the links are not broken by any means. That would invariably increase the bounce rate and prevent the website from reaching the upper end of Google searches.

How to measure Ecommerce website traffic (organic Google searches)?

Often website owners get the technical side right, but growing sales is a huge challenge that people fail or do not how to solve. For this, you need to understand that there are a lot of SEO hacks that people use to get noticed. But these do not help in the long run.

You should learn how to measure organic traffic for the eCommerce website. This can be done by approaching any digital marketing agency near you in Cochin, India, or in your place of residence. Today, only organic lasts for a lifetime. The road to this goal is long but worth the effort.

Below we have listed few ways on how to get this right:

Organic Search Traffic: To ensure organic sales, you need to ensure that you get organic searches. This means people need to click your website based on their Google searches. If your Meta titles, descriptions, H1, tags are monitored as per the required character count – then Google will crawl your website to the first page.

High-value backlinks: Earlier we had mentioned the power of backlinks for eCommerce business. Again, let us remind any link from any website won’t work. You need mentions from authoritative websites to help convince Google to scale up your search rank position.

Content Refinement: Seriously, if you stuff content with nonsense, visitors are going to react! In your eCommerce store, ensure no duplicate content is found across the pages. There are chances that more than thousands of content can be repeated. Filter them out as they could harm your search rankings.

Understand the Search Mentality: For an eCommerce to generate sales, you need to how people search for products. Accordingly, alter your content and that optimizes the visits, and sales flow organically.


Helpful SEO tools to scale up sales for Ecommerce Website

If the above tips on how to get organic sales for your Ecommerce Store sound overwhelming, we have made things a little easier for you to enhance your Search Engine Optimization for the online store

Siteliner: A convenient tool to monitor the online store for any duplicate content and remove it. A mentioned previously, this would affect search rankings negatively.

Yoast Seo Plugin: If you have created a WordPress Online Store, add Yoast as it will alert you on the On-Page SEO gaps.

Amazon Suggestion List: Since Amazon is one of the most successful global shopping stores, keep a lookout for their Amazon Keyword search suggestions.  Add them to your content to optimize the product pages.

Raven Tools: Often, online stores pay attention to the outward appearance of the website. But you need to check the situation at the backend to ensure organic sales.  With Raven Tools, hidden errors will be revealed.

Screaming Frog: Want to spot where those nagging 404 errors pop out? Grab this tool, and this innovative tool will sort out the mess.

Ahrefs: Use this tool to find the keywords that will help you step up higher on the search bar Organically!

Quora: People seek information on Quora, so if you are a constant information provider, then your suggestions will be considered valid. Enter SEO content and also valuable links to your Online Store. It does help a lot!

Ready to Scale-up Sales for your Ecommerce Store?

So, what do you think about this Guide to build Organic Sales for your Ecommerce Store? True it is tough, but the effort is worth it!

Nothing is impossible if you try. If it sounds very complicated, you should take suggestions and professional help from Web design companies that revamp the website structure, add the tag, titles, image alt tags, set the descriptions right, and lots more.

And, don’t forget your blogs. This is not actually for visitors in general, but it is a silent, yet powerful medium to help E-commerce sales to boost organically. If your business proves to educate people, apart from just setting the product pages, people would love to visit the store and even return, interact with the website more often.

Follow these SEO strategies and bring in more organic sales like never before. The change is slow, but a steady one that truly lasts.

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