What is business car insurance?


Business car insurance covers damage to someone else’s belongings, someone else’s vehicle, and physical damage to someone else that you cause with your company car. You can opt for a more extensive cover so that, for example, theft or damage to your company car is also reimbursed.

What is covered by business car insurance?

Some examples of insured damage to or with your company car:

You have a traffic accident in which the driver of the other vehicle or you and your fellow passengers are physically injured with at least WA Limited Casco coverage: your company car is stolen with WA Full Casco coverage: you cause an accident with your company car that causes damage to your company car

Is business car insurance also for self-employed persons?

Business car insurance is also suitable for self-employed persons without employees.

Your green card is always at hand.

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How much does business car insurance cost?

The amount of your premium depends on the following:

The catalog valueThe, year of manufacture, make, type, and weight of your business activity, your addressThe coverage you choose, possible bonus-malus discount

The amount of your bonus-malus discount depends on the number of years that you have driven claim-free. Your discount can be up to 75%. This is also known as a claims discount. Did you have car insurance elsewhere? Then we will take over the claim-free years that you have accrued there. Your bonus-malus discount only applies to one car at a time.

Do you want to know what the exact costs are? Calculate your premium at the top of this page.

Is car insurance mandatory?

You are obliged to take out insurance for your car with at least WA coverage. You can choose whether you want to insure your car more extensively with WA Limited Casco or WA Full Casco coverage.

You often drive more kilometers with a car for business use. There is then a greater chance of damage, and that is why business car insurance is often more expensive than private car insurance. The discount may also differ due to claim-free years. With business car insurance, it is not a problem if there are changing drivers. In addition, with business car insurance, you can choose to insure without VAT. You then pay a lower premium, but the damage payment is then also without VAT.

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